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Tue, Mar. 16th, 2010, 10:35 pm
kireichocho: News: Possible new SSX game?

Just yesterday I was rippin' it up with my favorite SSX rider; Kaori Nishadake. After turning off my Gamecude and putting my SSX3 away, I started wondering; when will EA make a new SSX game?! Okay, that didn't just accord to me yesterday, it's been according to me since SSX On Tour came out. After SSX Blur hit the stores back in 07 we haven't seen or heard any news on a new SSX game. Why? Who knows, maybe EA has given up on SSX, along with all the SSX fans. Or maybe not.

There's several hints that have been dropped since SSX Blur came out. Here are a few:

- SSX Blur.(2007 hint)
When playing Blur DJ Atomica comments on a reunion the SSX competitors are having.
"I'm hearing that the SSX All-stars are planning an old school reunion. The location is being kept under wraps but it promises to be a star studded event, I'll bring you more on this developing story."

-Burnout Paradise(2008 hint)
Okay, so anyone who has played SSX3 or Blur knows that Dj Atomica also appears in Burnout Paradise. DJ Atomica states that Mac Fraser(from the SSX series) has a message.
"Mac's message? That the snow on the mountain is falling and should be ready to ride by winter."

-Interview with Gamesindustry.biz (2009 hint)
When in a interview with Gamesindustry.biz EA Montreal general manager Alain Tascan discussed the possibility of a SSX franchise. He said that it might be revival if the market is ready. And who's the market? Us of course."If the market is there and is ready for a new one then we'll consider it." Pfft, hello, I'm ready!

-Rumor: Criterion Working on New SSX? (2010 hint)
And this is the most recent hint we have received yet. This new hint was dropped on Twitter by the UK EA developer."Crash FM off-air today. DJ Atomika is off riding the Peak 3 Jam.."

This hints could be true, or not. Considering that Criterion is working a new Need for Speed, but have been all time SSX fans for a while. Slowly enough the talk of a new SSX game has gone up, could it be real? Traditionally SSX games come out every two years, and sometime in October. Last year, there was no SSX news, BUT this hints do give you a lot to think about, no?

Some people say it's too late for a new SSX game, while other still remain with hope.

Sign this petition if you want a new SSX game:


More hints have been dropped!

-Official PlayStation Magazine(2010 hint)
The latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine is reporting that developer Criterion
is working on a new SSX title. This is still just a rumor, but if a developer is reporting it, then it must mean something, right?

-SSX fan gets a call from Sony? (2010 hint)
According to member from the official SSX fansite, E3 should be a very happy thing for all us SSX fans.
Please read, and check this out!


E3 awaits us.